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Neil Patel's Detailed Avis of is extremely popular among freelancers, content creators, and online business owners. So, without wasting any more time, let's dive into the heart of the matter and explore everything we can about

What is is an American company that provides speech-to-text conversion services such as transcription, captioning, translation, and subtitling. The company was established in 2010 by two former oDesk colleagues, Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger, to assist online businesses and YouTubers in growing their operations.

Ease of Use

Using the editor, you can adjust the formatting and modify the results. It's easy to submit a voice recording of any type to Rev. You can use a voice recorder on your computer or phone, upload the audio file for transcription, and add notes on the accent and your style guide.

Rev Tips and Tricks

I recommend sharing Rev access with a full-time assistant or a part-time team member. This way, they can check the quality of transcriptions and download them wherever necessary. It's also wise to add notes for the transcriber for longer recordings, regarding accents and spelling.

Common Use Cases for Transcription

You can use Rev to get a transcription of a podcast recording that doesn't require much editing. serves many types of clients, including researchers, journalists, businesses, and even police officials. Its main use cases are:

  • Transcriptions (by a human or AI)
  • Drafts (machine-made)
  • Captions
  • Foreign subtitles
  • Live subtitles for Zoom

How to Use Rev

Rev accepts all sorts of files to submit, including:

  • Audio files
  • Video files, including links, e.g., YouTube
  • Recordings via their mobile app


Rev promises 99% accuracy. This is what I've found in most cases. I've submitted over a hundred recordings over the years. I've had issues with three recordings, where the quality of the transcription was below what was expected and there were typos and grammar mistakes.


When I started using, it cost $1 per minute. Today, costs $1.25 per minute for a human transcription. You can pay $0.25 for an automatic transcription.

Final Avis -

If you're a business owner or content creator and you want your projects to be handled with high quality, whether it's foreign language translation, captioning, or transcription, I highly recommend choosing over other sites. A Comprehensive Avis by Neil Patel

I have personally worked with and I have no regrets at all. I hope you find this Avis helpful. If you have something to share or ask, feel free to jump into the comments section below and let everyone know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Can we trust

Yes! is a trusted platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide.

How does work? operates on a simple business model. The company provides various transcription services which are completed by their team of freelancers.

How to use Rev to make money?

You can sign up on Rev as a freelancer and take on freelance projects to earn money.

Who can join as a freelancer? hires freelancers from different parts of the world. They accept freelancers from eight countries including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, and South Africa. However, not all states in the U.S. are allowed to work with due to their work rules.

How much does pay captioners?

For a captioner, pays between $0.54 and $1.20 per audio file minute. The amount of money you earn with depends on your ability to pick simple and well-paying jobs, as well as how quickly you complete the projects.

How much does pay transcribers? pays a transcriber per audio or video minute. It ranges from $0.30 to $1.10 per minute. For maximum output, a transcriber needs to have several aids that will make the work easier.

How much does pay subtitlers?

Working as a subtitler for can be a very good side hustle for you. pays a subtitler between $3 and $7 per minute.

How much does pay its translators?

Your pay rates depend on the jobs you handle. On average, translators earn from $0.05 to $0.07 per word.

Is a good marketplace for client projects?

Yes. According to clients who have worked with, the services offered by the company are satisfactory and can be utilized for the better.

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