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Analisa Avis 2022

Analisa is a popular AI-powered social analysis tool for Instagram and TikTok, allowing you to analyze profiles and hashtags. With features such as campaign reports, follower demographics, follower authenticity, and content analysis, it helps businesses conduct market research. It allows you to create custom reports and analyses based on your research needs.

What is Analisa?

Analisa logo

Analisa is an Instagram analysis platform that is considered to have the potential to be a game-changer when it comes to many brands that cannot afford to do influencer marketing in a traditional way. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between analysis and data, Analisa is able to illustrate it very well.

Features - Analisa

Analisa Features

The Avis of Analisa begins with its features. Analisa is equipped with all the functions you need to succeed in your competitive analysis. All functions are useful, and the company has not included functions just to fill the spec sheet. Let's take a closer look at its features.

Profile and Competitor Analysis

Analisa Profile and Competitor Analysis

What is your competitor's strategy that you are lacking? What are the hashtags they use that allow them to get better reach on Instagram? Do you know the performance of their accounts? If not, you should probably do so.

Follower Demographics and Authenticity

Analisa Follower Demographics and Authenticity

Follower demographics are the next feature in the Analisa Avis. With this feature, you can know the age, gender, location, and TikTok followers of your Instagram followers. This feature has helped many businesses grow.

Campaign Reports

Analisa Campaign Reporting

Campaign reports are another great feature of Analisa. As hardworking and experienced as your employees may be, they can still make mistakes. These mistakes can prove to be very costly for your business organization.

Historical Data and Analytics

Analisa Historical Data and Analytics

The problem with Instagram and TikTok trends is that they change. Any social media user will tell you that trends on these platforms keep fluctuating, and Instagram and TikTok are no different.

Content and Influencer Optimization

Analisa Content and Influencer Optimization

Content and influencer optimization allows you to discover winning content and the most popular influencers. If your content is not attracting much audience, it's a good idea to turn to an influencer.


Moving on with our Analisa Avis, let's discuss Analisa's compatibility. Mobile users might be thinking "is Analisa a scam?". Indeed, Analisa unfortunately does not have a mobile app at the moment.


The interface is important when choosing a social analysis application. Of course, you won't be able to get the most out of the application if it's too complicated.


Performance is the key factor in the Analisa Avis. When it comes to performance, Analisa is as good as anything.

Engagement, Likes, and Comments Average

Unlike most analysis tools that only offer the engagement average, Analisa goes further and also gives you the likes and comments rate.

Post Frequency

Analisa does not show you the total number of posts, which can lead users to wonder "if Analisa is a scam" or "if Analisa is legitimate".


This feature allows you to discover the profiles and hashtags that your target profile uses the most.


Thanks to the geotagging feature, Analisa shows you all the tagged locations of your targeted Instagram or TikTok profile.

Reports - Analisa

Analisa Reports

There are two types of reports that you can run with an Analisa, and each has its own benefits. Running an @account report can provide you with a deep analysis of an influencer's profile and activity, while #hashtag reports can be used to monitor campaigns.

Understanding Engagement Metrics for Influencer Marketing

Engagement metrics are not all created equal. Breaking them down in this way allows you to see just how engaged your audience is.

Average Engagement Rate

This is an average over the account's history, accompanied by an interactive graph showing engagement over time. You can select and zoom in on any part of the graph for a closer look, and get actual figures for each day.

Interactive graph showing engagement over time

Total Posts

This includes the average posts per day, week, and month, as well as another interactive graph for accessing specific dates.

Tags and Mentions

Displays the accounts and hashtags most often used by the influencer. This is very useful for finding other influencers to work with, and to see which brands, if any, the influencer has worked with in the past.

Post Map

Displays the location of all posts (provided they have been geotagged).

Posting Activity and Audience Engagement

These are two different graphs that are valuable for future planning. Knowing when the audience is really paying attention can help you schedule posts for future collaborations.

Graphs showing posting activity and audience engagement

Average Number of Likes and Comments per Post, and Average Engagement Rate

These two bar graphs give you more precise details about audience activity, broken down by day of the week and accompanied by precise figures.

Total Posts (Breakdown by Day of the Week)

This is another bar graph showing the total number of posts for each day of the week in the account's history.

Most Used Caption Words and Hashtags

Avoiding commonly used words in captions can help future posts appear fresh, while sticking to the most used hashtags allows for some consistency.

#Hashtag Report

Audience and Engagement

These two sections actually contain six different measures: Contributors (those who posted a message with the hashtag), followers (the total of all contributors), Impressions (how many people actually saw the message), Posts (total number of posts including the hashtag), Likes (total number), Comments (total number).

Total Posts

This report features an interactive graph showing when each campaign post was published.

Total Reach of Followers

This interactive graph indicates when each of these followers saw the message.

Total Engagement

Another interactive graph, showing engagement for each day.

Interactive graph showing engagement for each day


An interactive map indicating the location of each post.

Average Engagement per Day

A bar graph showing the engagement rate per day of the week, during the duration of the campaign.

Bar graph showing the engagement rate per day of the week

Total Engagement per Day and Total Reach of Followers per Day

Other bar graphs, showing total engagements and follower reach for each day of the week, during the duration of the campaign.

Posting Activity and Audience Engagement

Just like the heat maps in the @account reports, these two items allow you to compare side by side the times when posting and engagement were strongest.

Most Used Caption Words and Hashtags

Probably self-explanatory at this point.


Indicates the number of contributors who posted messages with the hashtag, as well as the breakdown of those who posted one to five messages, six to ten messages, or eleven or more messages.

In the @account and #hashtag reports, you can also see the top posts for each of them. If you're looking at an influencer's analytics, the top posts will be their personal bests. For hashtags, these are the ones that performed best in a campaign.

Additionally, the #hashtag report includes another set of data, which looks in depth at influencer performance. You can see the influencers who got the best results and those you'll probably want to drop next time. Or, if you're very strategic, you can run a #hashtag report on your competitors to find influencers for yourself.

Influencer performance data

At this point, you should be able to identify the difference between data and analytics. Knowing this, you'll better understand my one critique: Analisa needs more data. And by "more data," I mean "audience data," which is not as easy to come by, but all the more valuable for it.


As marketers increasingly rely on social media for business growth, there is a growing need for measurability and accountability in social media marketing to enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and avoid potential fraud.

This is particularly the case in the booming influencer marketing sector, where Keith Weed, former Unilever marketing chief, has called for a crackdown on influencer follower fraud and lack of data transparency. To address this industry-wide issue, has launched an Instagram follower analytics tool that allows users to analyze the demographic data of followers of any public Instagram profile, such as age, gender, and country of residence, and measure follower authenticity to detect suspicious or dormant followers.

The Follower Analytics tool from works on any public Instagram profile, and allows users to study audience demographic data to find brand relevance, while checking for suspicious followers to avoid potential fraud.

Follower Analytics tool from

Security -

So, what do we ultimately think of the Analisa service? We think Analisa is an honest service, that is truly at the cutting edge of progress in terms of Instagram data and analytics.

Pricing -

This service offers two different pricing tiers, the first being free.

Free for 1 User

The free option of this service is completely free, but it will be quite limited. The analyses you will receive are pretty much the same as the ones we discussed earlier, which means they are raw numbers without much meaning. They will present them in an attractive way, with easy-to-read graphs and tables, which is very handy. However, they won't go as far with them, so if you want to get the most out of their more advanced features, you will need to subscribe to their premium package.

Premium $69 per Month per User

This premium plan will unlock all the features of this service, which we will cover a bit more in depth in the features section.

Alternatives -

The Analisa service is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry, but it's sometimes helpful to have a few other options. Let's look at a few Analisa alternatives.

1. Flick

Flick can help you manage, find, and analyze hashtags for your Instagram marketing campaigns, and they say their ultimate goal is to help their clients eliminate the hassle of hashtags, so you can grow your profile, and you can reach new audiences effortlessly on Instagram. They offer a seven-day free trial, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

2. Metahashtags

Metahashtags is a free Instagram hashtag generator that will help you with analyses and metrics, so you can work on the hashtags that are doing well, and those that could be swapped out for better options. They say they have all the analyses and hashtags you could need.

3. Kicksta

Kicksta is a proven hashtag generator that has proven itself time and time again and offers features that go beyond just helping with hashtag creation. They can optimize your Instagram marketing campaigns when it comes to your hashtags, but they can also help with Instagram engagement in general, if you're someone who needs a bit of help with everything.

Final Verdict -

Despite all of Analisa's qualities, there is one area where the company can improve: audience data. As mentioned in the overview, Analisa deals with all publicly accessible information. You don't need API access to Instagram to find out things like total number of posts, engagement, or the time and day something is posted. The fact that Analisa has done so much with the same data as other low-cost platforms is truly impressive. Now, I'd like to see them go a bit further and start getting audience demographic and psychographic data. This is invaluable information, and if they manage to find a way to get it without having to increase their costs too much, Analisa could become a truly invaluable tool. For small businesses, however, it might already be indispensable. It's always more business intelligence than what $69 per month used to get you, and to think you couldn't benefit from it is, well... not smart.


What is used for? is a social media management software. offers the following features:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand tracking
  • Social analytics
  • Content management

What are the best alternatives to

Here is a list of the best alternatives to

  • Postly
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite

Does provide an API?

No, does not provide an API.

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